The Renaissance of Food

It’s funny how in this topsy turvy world, one of the greatest comforts in life is preparing and eating delicious food. With COVID forcing more folks to work from their humble abodes, Americans have begun to turn back the clocks. People are crafting at home, decorated more than normal for the holidays and of course, cooking delicious food.  We are experiencing a renaissance of baking breads (sourdough has never been more popular), muffins and holiday cookies from scratch.

I have been canning fresh tomato sauce, pickles and jams at home for more 15 years which I share with friends and family. Personally, I find it cathartic and get an immediate sense of accomplishment. This is why I became a chef- the desire to please loved ones with my talents. Canning brings me back to the days when my grandparents farmed and “put up” their harvest every fall. I can still close my eyes and remember exactly how their kitchen smelled from all of the Italian specialties they prepared.

Although today, we have acclimated and enjoy the convenience of eating prepared foods, there has been a surge in cooking and baking fresh at home. I recently had an opportunity to make fresh dried Italian sausage with an old friend of the family. We used fresh pork butts, trimmed and ground the meat and seasoned the block with garlic, fennel and salt. After stuffing the meat into sheep casings, we hung the sausage in a cool room for about 30 days.  The end result was sweet, dried sausage that not only tasted great but gave us the satisfaction of knowing that we made it from scratch.

Today, just about every home cooking enthusiast can view a video on-line to learn how to make their favorite foods from scratch. Many tutorials encourage home-cooks step by step and teach them how to make the most incredible desserts, meats and canned goods. According to Mintel, in 2020, about 54% of the US adult population enjoys cooking at home. With the influx of farm to table restaurants and the popularity of scratch-style menu offerings, Americans can enjoy artisan style foods while dining out. Many foodservice operators are beginning to capitalize on the public’s desire to eat clean, genuine and authentic foods.

CraftMark Bakery, a global bakery located in Indianapolis, prepares a bevy of baked goods ranging from frozen cookie dough to loaves of proof and bake bread dough and ready-to-eat flatbreads as well as pre-deposited muffin batters. Our clean label formula expertise allows operators to offer baked goods with authentic ingredients and no artificial colors or flavors without the labor-intensive work of baking from scratch.  Operators can “finish” our cookies with glazes and sprinkles, stuff our muffins with chocolate, fruits and other fillings and season our flatbreads with cheese, herbs and olive oil to make their own “signature” foods.

Give your customers a reason to come to your operation during these challenging times with customizable, “ownable”, signature foods . Using CraftMark Bakery genuine and delicious foods that you could call your own, will surely encourage diners to come back.