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With 300+ years of collective bakery leadership expertise, we understand what it means to be true partners. We’re responsive, collaborative, nimble and incredibly adaptable. Solely focused on solutions that grow your brand and connect with your customers.

We’re obsessively committed to delivering real-time solutions and speed to market.

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Ahmad Hamade

“In my role as CEO, I have high expectations that my team will do what it takes to deliver on our commitments, always pay attention to the details and do what’s right for the customer and our business.”

Craig Rawls

“In my role as CFO, Excellence is about ensuring our business practices fulfill the partnership culture that we have created and are committed to at CraftMark Bakery.”

Kory Mickelson
SVP - Chief Commercial Officer

“Excellence in our business is to always exceed our customers’ expectations and providing a safe, rewarding and transparent environment for our bakers.”

Jim Zakian
Jim Zakian
EVP Engineering

“Excellence to me is ensuring our bakery produces high-quality products in a safe manner and wowing our customers.”

Liz Rayo
Liz Rayo
SVP Marketing

“Excellence to me means having the utmost attention to detail and always driving toward new ideas and solutions for our customers.”

Jim Little
Jim Little
SVP R&D and Innovation

“In R&D, it is important to me that we are constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the bakery world, always striving to be better and thinking differently on behalf of our customers.”

Terry Luther
SVP Procurement

“A unique quality I bring to Procurement is a high and unending curiosity for commodity market drivers. I’m a commodity news junkie.”