CraftMark Bakery explores consumer eating and purchasing trends, developments and cutting-edge innovations happening in the world of food.

Our Chef Brian Averna delves into fun themes, recipes and other menu ideas that will inspire.


Pizza: So Simple – So Perfect

Pizza is, in my humble opinion, one of the most delicious, least complicated and immensely popular foods in the US. But, how can something so simple be prepared in so many different ways? I find it fascinating that most pizza crusts sold in the US all contain the same basic five ingredients: flour, salt, yeast,

The Renaissance of Food

It’s funny how in this topsy turvy world, one of the greatest comforts in life is preparing and eating delicious food. With COVID forcing more folks to work from their humble abodes, Americans have begun to turn back the clocks. People are crafting at home, decorated more than normal for the holidays and of course,

Farmers Markets Provide a Look into the Future of Food

The first Farmers Market in the US opened in Boston Massachusetts in 1634, while the 13 colonies were still under British rule and just 14 years before the pilgrims settled nearby in Cape Cod Bay. As grocery stores later gained popularity across the country, farmers markets became less interesting to the average consumer until the

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